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EWJ92400 Commercial Brake Tester

This type of brake tester is a perfect solution if you need to use the brake tester in two or more locations. It can be moved on the back of a truck or on a trailer, using a crane for loading and unloading. Easy to install!

The brake tester can be delivered on a trailer (accessory) with a winch to load and unload it. A generator is available to make the brake tester independent of outside power supply. The equipment can also be fitted with wheels and a weighing system.

Console Spec
Roller Unit Spec
Console Spec


800 mm


620 mm


200 mm

Digital display height

80 mm

Scale diameter

400 mm

Scale measuring range

0-6 kgf

Large measuring range

0-30 kgf


30 kg

Roller Unit Spec

Roller Height

160 mm

Roller Length

3260 mm

Roller Width

4232 mm


2 x 4.8 Kw

Roller diameter

153 mm

Roller Length

1000 mm

Third Roller Diameter

50 mm

Roller Speed

1.1 km/h

Coefficient of friction dry/wet

0.8 - 0.7

Drive Over Weight

15 tons

Chassis Surface Treatment

Fully hot-dip galvanised

Total Weight

1400 kg (approx)



Accessories Display:

  • Large easy to read scales (40cm)
  • Coaxial pointers
  • Large LED displays indicators for:
    • Wheel in/out
    • Scale change
    • Eminent point of locking
    • Wheel lock
    • Measuring ovality, air pressure and imbalance
  • Automatic or manual stop/start
  • Display console with trolley

Measures: Brake force, imbalance, ovality Accessories:

  • Radio remote control
  • Axle weighing system
  • Motor brakes
  • Air transducers with brake system analysis program
  • Transport Wheels
  • Transport trailer
  • Printer (A4)
  • DVSA database
  • Generator

The brake tester is operated by an I-pad or remote control. It can be operated from the cab of the vehicle thus making it a one-man operation. Durable remote control with simple and user-friendly keyboard design.